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Hello world...

My name is Kevin.

I'm a guy who strives to simply be present to what is.

I try to bring a contemplative ear to everything I do.

I often fail.

I was raised on the Canadian prairies. I continue to be amazed at how that geography has shaped me. It has taught me much about spaciousness and vulnerability. 

In my mid-life I've felt the Spirit's nudge to leave my career as a librarian and, together with my wife, join the staff and resident community at the Hermitage Community. This contemplative retreat center in southwest Michigan has been an important part of our lives for nearly 20 years. I am responsible for administration and guest services and strive to honor the disciplines of hospitality and silence. I am also available for spiritual direction.

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I have a deep abiding interest in Benedictine spirituality and am curious to explore how it might intersect or inform my Mennonite/Anabaptist faith.

Hearing is my most important sense. Silence is a gift, as is good sound. Noise can crush my spirit. I am quite curious to explore the relationship of sound and Christian spirituality. I am often my most engaged self when I am playing guitar. I am also exploring creating video as a contemplative practice. You can see some of this on my Youtube channel.

Other stuff

My wife June is a writer, spiritual director, and all-around swell gal. You should visit her website.

I love to play guitar and play in the kitchen.